Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency
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The Transportation's industry efficiency is an important part of our path to sustainability

Many of our corporate partners manage large fleets of transportation vehicles, and they want to replace fossil fuels with more sustainable options. ZEBOX is connecting them with startups working to do just that.

Operational Efficiency
Operational Efficiency

Building a new transportaion industry

Our corporate partners trust ZEBOX to improve their operational excellence. We're tackling problems like reducing the complexity of asset management, optimizing processes, complying with regulations, and more. Together, our Innovation Ecosystem is leading change in the Transportation industry.

Why Join ZEBOX?

With 235M€ raised and more than 100 collaborations signed between our startups and corporate partners , we're proud to have helped startups and partners achieve their big, bold goals.

A Unique Global Community

  • Be part of the global sustainability innovation ecosystem. Network with multinational corporate leaders and audacious new startups.
  • Speak directly with key stakeholders at leading corporations. Participate in exclusive premium events where decision-makers come looking for the innovations that will solve their most important problems. Get warm introductions to the people who can transform your business.
  • Access top innovation resources through our Dealflow & Network Access exclusive perks. Get 1-on-1 advice from experts and connect with a global community of investors.

The ZEBOX change makers

With 235M€ raised and more than 100 collaborations signed between startups and corporate partners , ZEBOX is proud to have played a key role in realizing the visions of innovative startups and helping industry leaders achieve their goals. Discover what they have to say about us:


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