connect with a unique ecosystem to power up your startup

Tailored to your startup's needs, ZEBOX's programs fuel your growth and connect you with partners, industry experts, investors, and a vibrant international community of like-minded entrepreneurs.




Join an international community that lets you:

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    Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs
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    Access exclusive resources and services
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    Get featured and do demos for potential clients, partners & investors
6 months

Follow a hands-on program that gives you the chance to:

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    Get one-on-one monthly coaching
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    Tap into additional resources including high level-pitching, events, and PR & social media visibility
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    Work at your own workspace in an international hub
3 months

Get expert support to:

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    Get warm intros and exclusive pitch sessions with potential clients & partners
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    Achieve product-market fit faster
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    Make your next financing round easier by networking with our international VC community

Success Stories

Blume Global and BasicBlock, matched thanks to ZEBOX!

Blume Global, the only supply chain orchestration platform uniting order orchestration, multimodal transportation management, end-to-end visibility and supplier relationship management, is integrating with BasicBlock, a leading financial technology company reshaping financing options for the trucking industry.

March 15, 2023