PSA unboXed

PSA unboXed
Ong Kim Pong
PSA unboXed is delighted to team up with ZEBOX to co-innovate and co-create innovative and sustainable solutions for the maritime industry.
“Building on our collaborative success in different domains and with this significant expansion of our relationship, PSA unboXed and ZEBOX will further align our business ingenuity with a strong commitment to energy transition, creating long-term value for our respective stakeholders.”
Ong Kim Pong
Regional CEO Southeast Asia, PSA International

PSA unboXed is the innovation and corporate venture capital arm of PSA International, a leading global port operator and supply chain partner to cargo stakeholders worldwide. PSA unboXed offers access to an extensive network of PSA expertise, resources and opportunities. Collaborating with partners and startups, PSA unboXed co-creates technology and sustainability solutions for the logistics industry and supply chain, working towards our vision for the container port of the future.

Visit us at, or follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook (@PSAunboXed)

PSA unboXed

Why Join ZEBOX?

With 235M€ raised and more than 100 collaborations signed between our startups and corporate partners , we're proud to have helped startups and partners achieve their big, bold goals.


  • Be part of the global sustainability innovation ecosystem
  • Participate in premium events with key stakeholders
  • Get access to our ressources: Dealflow & Network
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