Technology for a sustainable world

GTT's core business is based on the development of new cutting-edge technologies in the LNG storage and maritime transport sector. GTT participates through its research and engineering work in “greening” maritime transport. Innovation being at the heart of GTT's DNA, he now wishes to go even further in this direction and collaborate with young innovative companies that are driving the industry forward. Joining the ZEBOX ecosystem will allow GTT to fuel the conversation on decarbonization and digital transformation. Indeed, these questions are inseparable; achieving the CO2 reduction targets that the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has announced will require the intelligent combination of a number of technologies. Creating maritime transport X.0 is in line with GTT's ambitions.


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With 235M€ raised and more than 100 collaborations signed between our startups and corporate partners , we're proud to have helped startups and partners achieve their big, bold goals.


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