MÃO BOA, A startup incubated by ZEBOX supports CMA CGM in an innovative and collaborative CSR approach

Since its inception in 2018, a mission of ZEBOX, the incubator and accelerator of innovative startups, has been to connect its corporate partners and startups to innovate together.
MÃO BOA, A startup incubated by ZEBOX supports CMA CGM in an innovative and collaborative CSR approach

Since its inception in 2018, a mission of ZEBOX, the incubator and accelerator of innovative startups, has been to connect its corporate partners and startups to innovate together and preparing the world of tomorrow through new solutions. With its network of international partners, ZEBOX has enabled one of its startups, Mão boa, founded in 2019, to partner with the CMA CGM Group, a world leader in maritime transport and logistics, to launch a project aimed at engaging all its stakeholders in its CSR strategy.

Its mission: to engage each employee on the social and environmental impact of the company through a collaborative platform and a charitable gaming system.

Mão boa tailors company CSR policies to their employees
CSR is a real vector for transformation that requires everyone to mobilize, yet the issues are sometimes misunderstood and far removed from the everyday reality of a company’s employees. According to consultancy firm Ekodev, 71% of employees say they are poorly informed about what is being done in terms of CSR in their company, yet they have a strong desire for commitment and to participate in meaningful action. It is a priority for 67% of managers and 73% of employees who wish to be involved in their company’s CSR policy according to a study by BPI and APICIL.

Engaging employees in a sustainable approach: a priority for CMA CGM
As part of its commitment to the energy transition of maritime transport and a pioneer in the use of alternative fuels, the CMA CGM Group has set itself a goal of carbon net zero by 2050. To help employees to better understand sustainable development topics, the Group has joined forces with two startups, Mão boa and Wenow, to develop the internal program “My CMA CGM Group Daily Impact” which helps to mobilize and raise awareness among its 110,000 employees to voluntarily invest in projects with a positive environmental, social and societal impact. This partnership with Mão boa, a startup that has incubated by ZEBOX since July 2021, has enabled the design of this tailor-made program through their SaaS platform.

A collaborative program co-constructed with 400 pioneers

Launched in October 2021 by Tanya Saadé Zeenny, Deputy General Manager of the CMA CGM Group, this project is structured across several axes:

  • Co-construction of the program, with pioneers in 52 countries making proposals and contributing to the creation of educational content and the dissemination of information on this program.
  • Implementation of individual and collective challenges around the individual carbon footprint arising from the CSR policy. These challenges make it possible to change daily behavior in areas as varied as reducing motorized journeys, reducing digital pollution (deletion of e-mails, deletion of useless data on servers, etc.) or consumption. The goal is for everyone to reduce their carbon footprint on a daily basis.
  • Beyond these challenges, Mão boa offers a charitable dimension: each challenge makes it possible to earn points that are transformed into monetary donations for associations and organizations committed to protecting the environment.
  • Measuring the tonnes of CO2 saved to produce a quantified carbon footprint and a “dashboard” that measures the individual’s impact and that of the entire company.
  • After the launch phase with the pioneers, the program will be rolled out gradually to the Group’s 110,000 employees from March 2022.
Since My CMA CGM Group Daily Impact platform’s launch, more than 12 tonnes (updated figure) of CO2 emissions have been prevented.This result is a testament to the commitment of the pioneers mobilized on a daily basis. I am proud of the success of this learning, collaborative and even unifying initiative. The ideas proposed by ambassadors have helped to enrich our programs. These initial results encourage us to deploy the My CMA CGM Group Daily Impact program to all Group employees from March 2022.

Said Claire Martin, Vice President in charge of Sustainable Development within the CMA CGM Group.

“The deployment has achieved a particularly remarkable engagement rate. More than 9,000 actions have already been carried out and 91% of employees have been engaged and active on the platform. Beyond the actions, the employees propose ideas, projects and good practices carried out locally to transform the Group. We are very proud to see the extent of this mobilization, especially since this is our first international deployment. The program was also an opportunity to go further in our partnerships, in particular with WeNow, an expert on climate issues,” says Maxime Marchand, CEO and co-founder of mão boa.“This project sums up all the virtues of ZEBOX support: advice from a network of experts, integration into an ecosystem of strategic partners who support our B2B development and are a real growth accelerator”.

“The partnership between mão boa and CMA CGM is hugely important for us because it symbolizes the value of cooperation between large groups and startups, and thus reinforces the meaning of our mission:to make the link to help them co-innovate and develop together. The startup brings creativity, agility and flexibility to what is a large group and helps it to respond to a specific problem. This allows the startup to grow and validate its value proposition as well as its business model. Since mão boa joined ZEBOX, the start-up has finalized its first funding round and doubled its workforce,” noted Massimo Magnifico, CEO of ZEBOX.