#ZEBOX Marseille

Date of creation 2018
Origin France
CEO Alex Caizergues
The project AI, IoT & Robotics, Software, Hardware
Program / Status
Acceleration completed


Born from the convergence of technological and entrepreneurial ambition, Syroco is a scientific and technical lab that generates innovation through pioneering achievements. By setting goals beyond the limits imposed by current technologies, Syroco designs innovative solutions that can be applied in the industrial field
Today, Syroco is developing a Speedcraft designed to shatter the sailing speed record. This research has already made it possible to question fundamental paradigms in naval architecture.


Alex Caizergues CEO SYROCO
The ideal partner Thanks to its strategic partnerships with major players in transport and logistics, ZEBOX seemed to us to be the ideal partner to support our hyper-growth strategy
Future is in ZEBOX !
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