Date of creation 2016
Origin Germany
CEO Pierre Garreau
The project Transport, Logistics, AI, IOT, OnlinePlatform, GreenTech
Program / Status
Incubation completed


Searoutes provides shippers with an all-in-one solution to reduce their carbon footprint due to transport. The startup’s secret sauce: powerful routing engines and high quality visibility & predictive data on CO2 emissions at three points in the procurement chain: tender, spot procurement and reporting.

Pierre Garreau CEO SEAROUTES
ZEBOX opens doors for us! The ZEBOX team helped us to carry out the Searoutes project successfully. ZEBOX gave us the benefit of networking with the entrepreneurial and professional ecosystem of Marseille to accompany us in our creation and


Watch the video to discover the SEAROUTES story

And the story continues

Upon arrival at ZEBOX, the startup had 3 employees, 2,000 users on its platform and 5 customers. SeaRoutes now has 30k users, 20 customers and 7 partners. Since its arrival in Marseille, the Grand Port Maritime de Marseille has made SeaRoutes the winner of the Smartport Challenge, aimed at contributing to the emergence of the French Smartport in Med. With its eco-calculator, which is used to quantify the carbon footprint of a container according to its journey, SeaRoutes intends to respond to a major challenge: to reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to freight transportation. Since July, Marseille-Fos Port has been testing the prototype with the ports of Le Havre, Antwerp and Rotterdam.

Future is in ZEBOX !
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