#ZEBOX Marseille

Date of creation 2018
Origin France
CEO Matthieu Boussemart
The project Logistics, Greentech
Program / Status
Incubation completed


Let’s consider packaging as a valuable asset rather than disposable waste. To meet this challenge, the French startup GEOPALLET has developed a, modular, intelligent, resistant, foldable, durable and conected pallet using IoT. It thus enables companies to minimize packaging costs and waste, optimizing space and reducing fuel costs.

GEOPALLET is a global solution operating worldwide, the support is guaranteed for 5 years with take-back for recycling and the mileage is unlimited.

Matthieu Boussemart CEO GEOPALLET
The quality of the network of partners We chose ZEBOX for the quality of the network of partners and the commercial opportunities
Future is in ZEBOX !
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