#ZEBOX Marseille

Date of creation 2020
Origin France
CEO Rodion Denisyuk
The project Transport / AI, IoT
Program / Status
Incubation ongoing


Eyegauge’s mission is to simplify fleet digitalization, to make it accessible to many more ship owners and ship operators, to get the data out of the darkest corners of the engine room, to make smart any ship and any fleet, no matter how old it is. Eyegauge propose an innovative, cost-effective, non-intrusive solution for digitalization of ship’s machinery and equipment of any age and any manufacturer.

Rodion Denisyuk CEO EYEGAUGE
A strong partnership network We believe that ZEBOX is a right choice because of their knowledge and experience in maritime transportation. It has a strong partnership network in this industry, and it is oriented to international market that is very important to us


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Future is in ZEBOX !
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