Get your startup off the ground with the ZEBOX accelerator


Does your project need an extra boost and exposure? Get your business off the ground with the ZEBOX startup accelerator. The acceleration program is a support structure adapted to all players who are betting on the technologies of the future, and who work in the sectors of mobility, transport, logistics or industry 4.0.

The ZEBOX accelerator supports you for a 9-month period.

What we do for you

Co-development with corporate partners

Face your challenges with the expertise and struggles of large groups, thanks to the privileged relationships you get with ZEBOX, and accelerate your business development with them.

Un accompagnement stratégique d'élite

Un accompagnement stratégique d'élite

Funding support

You are supported with your fundraising goals


This tailor-made support, reinforced by mentoring, allows you to be surrounded, supported and advised by first-rate experts among our circle of partners and be accompanied once a week by an entrepreneur in residence.

Development of your network and visibility

ZEBOX team and its partners organize various international events to help you to build your reputation, boost your network and land new business opportunities.

Demo day meeting

This day, which is 100% dedicated to accelerated startups, brings together successful entrepreneurs, business angels, corporate partners, and academics.

3,2,1… Acceleration
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The acceleration process is designed with a strong focus on business. The specific selection criteria include, but are not limited to, the following: a finalized MVP, a team of more than 2 people, and being in the end of seed phase or Series A. There is a lot of focus on the team, and its ability to carry out an ambitious and daring entrepreneurial project.


To join ZEBOX, the selection is based on file application. If the file meets our selection criteria, one or several interviews will be planned with the sourcing team. Ultimately, the startup will present the project to the ZEBOX selection committee which gathers every month.

Expected results with ZEBOX

We want to reveal the talents of tomorrow, those who already have their eyes on the future thanks to their Industry 4.0 focus. Those who are ready to exchange expertise with others, both private and public partners and universities, with a perspective of open innovation.
Our startups are leading figures in terms of innovation. One example is Deki that offers a solution to collect, deliver and ship goods in a 100% responsible and 100% decarbonized way. They have already succeed to transport 1 ton of goods without any CO2 emissions Or Searoutes, that provides shippers with an all-in-one solution to reduce the carbon footprint of freight transportation. They reduced loader scope 3 emissions by 30% without increasing lead times.

When will you join them in the ZEBOX startup incubator?

Future is in ZEBOX !
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