ZEBOX offers 3 support programs: an incubation program, an acceleration program & a corporate program.

ZEBOX offers startups with technological innovation in the sectors of transport, logistics and mobility 3 support programs: an incubation program an acceleration program and a corporate program.
The 3 main selection criteria to join ZEBOX are the sector of activity, the technology and the stage of maturity of the startup. The founding team which play a leading role in the success of a startup is of course added to this.


12 to 18 months to lay the foundations for its development. Personalized support with high-level experts

The incubation consists of:

  • Common workshops
  • Co-development sessions with other incubated startups
  • One to one mentoring sessions

To help startups gain maturity. The specific selection criteria include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Legally created company
  • Team made up of at least 2 co-founders
  • Functional prototype developed


The ZEBOX method

The support is tailor-made and truly allows entrepreneurs to boost their project. Each startup has the opportunity to meet large groups that allow them to gain credibility, to network and to make themselves known. Being able to be confronted with the challenges and expertise of partners, validating with them the value proposition by developing a POC, and having business opportunities with major players are all strengths specific to ZEBOX.


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