Multi-corporate, specialized & international for high-level, customized support to startups

Founded in 2018 by Rodolphe Saadé, Chairman and CEO of CMA CGM, ZEBOX is run by Massimo Magnifico, an expert in startup incubator management. Leading partners in their fields support the structure and the startups. This synergy of talents and the power of the ZEBOX network facilitate co-development, the creation of business & network opportunities and internationalization, to contribute to creating new key players.

2 major sectoral areas being disrupted

ZEBOX is a specialized support structure dedicated to startups, focusing on two fields of expertise with strong potential for disruption: transport, logistics and mobility, on the one hand, and industry 4.0 on the other.

transport, logistique et mobilités

transport, logistique et mobilités

transport, logistique et mobilités

transport, logistique et mobilités

Transport, logistics and mobility

The transport and logistics sectors are facing major transformation challenges where innovation plays a key role. More digitalization, more automation, more transparency, more traceability, and more sustainable development are all examples where startups can bring real added value and disrupt a market that has long been dominated by a few giants.

Industrie X.0

Industrie X.0

Industrie X.0

Industrie X.0

Industry 4.0

Many industries are undergoing a transformation due to the emergence of new technologies (IoT, AI, Big Data, Robotics, etc.) and a growing need for customization. We support medtech, fintech, agritech, legaltech and HRtech startups that are shaking up their respective industries and reinventing these sectors with high growth potential.

ZEBOX Actor of change, benchmark in innovation.

Intelligence artificielle

Intelligence artificielle

Artificial Intelligence

Technology that already assists in decision making, machine learning, data acquisition, predictive maintenance, customization …




This encryption technology enables the authentication, security & tracking of transactions and files, such as smart contracts.

Réalité virtuelle et augmentée

Réalité virtuelle et augmentée

Virtual and augmented reality

This allows for immersion and enhanced experience in many sectors, advanced holographic technologies…

IoT & Robotique

IoT & Robotique

IoT & Robotics

Connected devices, stand-alone machines, 4.0 technologies, sensors, human-robot interactions …

ZETEAM : a team dedicated to your success

Massimo Magnifico CEO

Expert in the management of innovation structures and startup support, I developed my expertise in large companies for more than 10 years to then turn to innovation where I held key roles at EuraTechnologies, the first startup ecosystem in France and today at ZEBOX, the international incubator and gas pedal for innovative startups. Why choose ZEBOX? It is an innovation platform that connects traditional supply chain players and startups to overcome industry challenges.

Charley Dehoney Vice president ZEBOX America Learn more

Passionate about business and growth, Beginning my career in supply chain and logistics nearly 20 years ago, I’ve been able to gain insight into many businesses across all industries, As a multiple time founder and CEO my true passion became clear to me as I began my personal journey as an angel investor and advisor to startups. My role at ZEBOX allows me to match world class talent of our innovative startups with complex challenges faced by our corporate partners. My vision for ZEBOX America is to build a team of thinkers and an amazing community of startups, that will drive change within our roster of blue chip corporate partners.

Aurore Pullini Deputy Director Learn more

Having always been immersed in digital transformation since my first experience and with strong customer service skills, I am passionate about my job and the people around me. Today, my role is to promote ZEBOX on all communication channels and to contribute to the structuring of all activities. Why choose ZEBOX? Just look at the list of major groups that have already come to meet startups. These are golden opportunities to boost entrepreneurs’ projects. And, finally, the team’s dedication.

Hub Manager Caribbean Learn more

After scientific training, I have always been passionate about research, innovation and technical & technological progress. Since I fell into the world of startups a few years ago,  I could not bring myself to leave it … Being in charge of ZEBOX Carribean allows me to leverage my experience and skills to my passion: innovation. What conquered me in ZEBOX? The team and the values of ZEBOX, the audacity of this great project with an international scope, high ambitions and strong partners. A benevolent and competent universe at the service of the success of startups.

Amandine Begel Startup Hunter Learn more

‘My desire to become a “startup hunter” stems from a first experience in Venture Capital within a major group, where my job was to source startups from an investment perspective. Today, my role at ZEBOX is to identify projects with great potential that will join our programs. What do I like about ZEBOX? The strength of the community, ZEBOX brings together and promotes exchanges between passionate entrepreneurs and major groups. Also, the support provided offers a caring environment conducive to everyone’s success.

Laura Graziani Office Happiness Manager Learn more

Over the course of my multiple careers, I have always been as close as possible to entrepreneurial issues. Curious to know how a business works, I specialized in business management. This career allowed me to take on the role of Office Happiness Management at ZEBOX. I was attracted by its dynamics allowing everyone to have a unique experience and to work in an innovative, daring and inspiring spirit! ZEBOX is above all a plural venture in which startups embark in order to shape and challenge new horizons.

Magali Maalouf Entrepreneur in residence Learn more

Coming from a finance background, I have always been passionate about technology and innovation. Therefore, throughout my career I have worked closely with tech startups, scaleups and SMEs assessing business models and conducting feasibility studies. Today, as part of ZEBOX family, I take advantage of my skills to help startups and entrepreneurs grow and succeed. ZEBOX has given me the chance to meet and work with great mind shaping a promising future.

Gabriel Cohen Entrepreneur in residence Learn more

Engineer and new technologies enthousiast since always, I first worked on the industrialization of innovative products. Then, I got involved in the entrepreneurial world as a startup CEO for more than 5 years. R&D, POC, fundraising and marketing product fit are my favorite subjects. ZEBOX offers me the opportunity to share my experience and skills by helping startups reach their goals.

Malek LAGHA Program Coordinator Learn more

Passionate about the discovery and implementation of project development methods aimed at solving today’s major societal challenges, I turned to entrepreneurship research. Today at ZEBOX, I have a dual role, that of doctoral student with the aim of developing original measurement tools and that of program coordinator to provide personalized support to our startups. Why ZEBOX ? A close-knit and credible community, a favorable and stimulating ecosystem, specialized and personalized support and, above all, a caring and energetic team.

Rayane AMINI Junior Startup Hunter Learn more

After a scientific baccalaureate and a block-release university degree in technology in a major group, I wanted to turn to a more agile and more innovative structure. So ZEBOX opens new doors for me by allowing me to be close to and to connect to the world of startups. Why do I recommend ZEBOX? The involvement and knowledge of the team will allow you to easily get in touch with large well-known groups. It’s a great opportunity to develop a project in the best possible conditions.

Marine VASSEROT Junior Communication Project Manager Learn more

Having already worked in the field of transport and logistics, I later discovered a passion for marketing and the world of startups. My goal was to find a post that could combine all my knowledge. It is thus following an internship at ZEBOX that I had the opportunity to continue in a work-study program within the framework of my Master 2 Innovation Management. Why choose ZEBOX ? Because it is an innovative and dynamic structure, where each actor evolves in a friendly and warm environment. ZEBOX makes it a point of honor to privilege the win-win relationship between its partners of strong reputation, and its innovative startups.

Roxana QUINTANA Junior Communication Project Manager Learn more

Passionate about communication, marketing and content creation. I developed competences and skills along my professional experiences in Colombia, which allowed me joining to ZEBOX for my first year of the Master in Communication. Since my arrival, I have been immersed in a dynamic universe, full of excitements, never boring. Why ZEBOX ? It’s simple, it’s an innovative ecosystem gathering Startups and entrepreneurs from all over the world, in order to carry out their projects. It’s a unique opportunity for Startups to be accompanied by big companies inside of an extraordinary atmosphere.

ZEBOX Europe

ZEBOX Europe, offers selected startups a privileged and modern environment of nearly 1000m2, conducive to creativity. This unique and inspiring location, with a sea view, is based in the heart of Marseille’s new business district, within the Cité de l’Innovation et des Savoir d’Aix-Marseille (CISAM). Open 24/7, the ZEBOX startup incubator offers the ideal setting with bookable meeting rooms, a kitchen area, a gym & a rooftop with a sea view !

The rest of the world tomorrow

Three years after its creation, and a opening in the Caribbean, co-innovation and internationalization are more than even at the center of ZEBOX’s developement strategy with the new hub ZEBOX AMERICA!
The support of our entrepreneurs as well as our partners is now extended abroad. We wish to be more involved in the development of tomorrow’s solutions, putting technology at the service of people and the planet.
Stay connected, many surprises are coming!

Future is in ZEBOX !
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