A world leader in digital transformation

Infosys is a global leader in next-generation digital consulting and services.

Their work is guided by 4 pillars:
– digital transformation: empowering companies to evolve their digital and technology strategies.
– Technology development: Helping companies plan and implement their future enterprise platform.
– Cloud transformation: Accelerate the move to the cloud with transformation offerings that help companies navigate a more agile and sustainable environment.
– Artificial intelligence: Bringing the power of intelligent automation to enable true business transformation.

Through these services, Infosys leverages technology to improve the way they do business, find cost-effective, higher quality solutions that are quickly brought to market, and expertly guide their customers in 46 countries through their digital journeys.

A powerful source of innovation ! As a player in the new generation of digital services and consulting, we are committed to our customers to accompany them in their transformations. Startups are a powerful source of innovation and we are delighted to work with ZEBOX ecosystem

exceptional support for startups

“Infosys is a global leader in digital transformation. This makes it a first choice partner for ZEBOX and the startups, to support our international ambition and contribute to the high level of support. Infosys will be able to offer exceptional support to ZEBOX’s entrepreneurs, especially in IT development and contribute to the creation of business opportunities. ZEBOX will be for Infosys and their teams, a permanent source of inspiration and innovation ” Aurore Pullini, Deputy director of ZEBOX.


Future is in ZEBOX !
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