EDF Archipel Guadeloupe

Committed to the energy transition of the territory

Invisible…, electricity has nevertheless become indispensable in our daily life.
Producing, transporting and distributing it safely 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to the end customer is the challenge and the public service mission that EDF Archipel Guadeloupe has been taking up since 1975.
EDF in Guadeloupe and the Northern Islands is made up of 549 men and women, committed and connected professionals, who meet the needs of its 265,000 customers on a daily basis and make solidarity an essential value in the performance of its activities.

Committed to the energy transition of the territory to fight against climate change, EDF Archipel Guadeloupe is involved in innovation for the benefit of its customers, and promotes low-carbon electricity.

EDF Archipel Guadeloupe is committed,
Let’s become the energy that changes everything.

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Régis DE LA REBERDIERE Head of the territorial integration department EDF ARCHIPEL GUADELOUPE
Networking projects Since the launch of its HUB in the Caribbean, EDF has decided to partnering with ZEBOX. ZEBOX knows well the local startup ecosystem, the project holders, their needs and their questions and knows how to network projects to generate new ideas.
Future is in ZEBOX !
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